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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – April 27, 2023

Last Sunday at Faith Church was a lot like many Sundays at Faith Church.

Two things were different.

We had a large number of members out for various reasons and we had a large number of visitors present for various reasons as well. It’s amazing how God is able to fill blank places and missing faces. Two people, the Finley’s, filled in for our entire Praise Team and they did an amazing job. We missed our regular Praise Team, but it is great to know that God has a huge depth chart.

As we return to worship this Sunday, I’m expecting an overflow audience as the youth “take over”. We have some amazing young people and I know that great things are in store. Speaking of young people, I had the joy of participating in the Gen-X event this week and it was power-filled. Tarus Lyons provided the soul food and his wife, Katina, provided food for the souls of our youth. GREAT JOB!

I must single out one young person, Bryce Malone. Bryce gave an awesome performance at his first music recital at Dawson Memorial last weekend. Bryce is destined for greatness.

Finally, 2023 graduations are here, and we look forward to honoring our amazing grads the 3rd Sunday in May.



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