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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – March 19th, 2024

faith church midfield summer

Winter is officially over, and the signs of spring are all around us!


It seems to me that spring is the shortest season of the year and summer the longest.

You probably remember the challenges we faced last summer with our failing air conditioning system and how we struggled through with open windows and noisy fans

… but we made it.  

God sustained us through it all and blessed us with friends who supported us morally and financially. During that long hot summer, we grew as a Church both in number and in faith. And God continues to bless us with faithful members who are working today to guarantee the church has an efficient cooling system before the arrival of this summer.

The next big thing for Faith Church is Resurrection Sunday.

We are expecting a huge assembly of worshipers, and they will be treated to a wonderful presentation by our youth. I have seen their rehearsals, and I am convinced that this will be their best production ever! Thank you, parents and directors.

Expect a few changes in April, including a second Saturday date for the Pantry instead of the third Saturday. This is due to the long-anticipated wedding of Christian and Bianca. We all wish them the best on their special day in Costa Rica.

Finally, expect a continuation of the message we started las Sunday, “Believe for it”.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and we’ll continue to examine the days leading up to our Lord’s crucifixion and resurrection. Please pray for your Church as we continue to fulfill our mission and vision in our present location.



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