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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – November 2nd, 2022

It Was A Night Like Any Other Night.

Beverly And I Had Completed A Week Of Babysitting Our Grandboys In Marietta While Their Parents Enjoyed A Well-Deserved Vacation In South America.

We Expected The Parents To Return No Later Than 2pm; However, That Was Their Actual Departure Time And They Arrived At Home A Few Minutes After 9pm. After Sharing Routine Good-Bye’s And Hugs, We Jumped Into Our Already Packed Car Amid Pleas From Them For Us To Stay The Night.

I Was Determined To Make A 9:00 Am Dr. Appointment And A 10:00 Business Meeting The Next Morning, We Were Off!

Other Than A Few Downpours, The Drive Was Uneventful. I Was Fully Rested And Well Caffeined Up And As We Approached The Alabama State Line, Beverly Was Asleep And We Were Just Cruising Along. Suddenly, Without Warning, Headlights Coming Toward Me And Taillights In Front Of Me Bacame A Mesh Of Red And White Lines Swirling Around Like Hundreds Of Blinking Images. I Reached Over To My Sleeping Wife As Calmly

As I Could And Told Her To Take The Wheel As I Was Having An Attack Of Vertigo.

Out Of Her Sleep, She Responded And Guided Us To The Side Of The Road As Lightly Applied The Brakes And Placed The Car In Park. We Exchanged Seats And As I Stumbled Around To The Passenger Side Of The Car, I Realized How Close We Were To The Road And How Unbalanced I Was. When I Reached The Passenger’s Side, I Literally Fell Into The Seat With My Head Still Spinning, But Thankful That We Had Avoided A Fatal Accident. I Was Now Becoming Naseaus And The Dizziness Grew Worse.

I Asked Beverly To Pull Over To Allow Me To Throw Up And After Five Or Six Similar Episodes, I Just Used A Plastic Bag. When We Finally Made It Home, I Could Not Walk; Even With Assistance. I Crawled On All Fours For What Seemed To Be An Eternity.

I Continued To Crawl To My Shower Where I Remained Unable To Move Until Paramedics Could Come And Tranport Me To The ER.

The Next Morning, Although Able To Walk, I Was Not Able To Make That 9:00 Dr. Visit. Nor Was I Able To Make That 10:00 Business Meeting. Four Days Later, I Was Better, But Not Perfect.

What I Learned From This Incident Is That We Can Plan As Much As We Like; However, God Controls The Edit Key And Your Life, Your Circumstances And Your Plans Can Change In An Instant – Be Ready!

1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 New International Version
The Day Of The Lord; 5: now, Brothers And Sisters, About Times And Dates we Do Not Need To Write To You, 2 for You Know Very Well That The Day Of The Lord will Come Like A Thief In The Night. 3 while People Are Saying, “Peace And Safety,” destruction Will Come On Them Suddenly, as Labor Pains On A Pregnant Woman, And They Will Not Escape.


Pastor Aubrey Miller

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