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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – August 1st, 2023

faith church midfield summer

Have you ever wondered why, when confronted with questions about our actions, we often shift into excuse mode? This habit of shirking responsibility and maneuvering toward blame is as old as the world. In our sermon last Sunday, we explained how excuses are actually paper walls that keep us away from our life callings.

When we use excuses to justify our no’s, we’re demonstrating what we learned from Adam and Eve.

In the Garden of Eden, they both deflected blame; Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake. Moses had an excuse when he stood before the Burning Bush and the cases are many throughout the Bible.

Many Christians today are dwarfs in the Faith because of paper walls which they call reasons that keep them from busting loose to achieve the call that God has placed on them. Faith Church, its Pastor, and its people were all called to Midfield. As a Pastor, I had made more excuses than anyone as to why we should not answer this call, but God made it clear in time, that all our excuses were just paper.

Today, we are facing what appear to be great challenges: mechanical failures, physical failures, and a drift toward mediocrity. God never promised us smooth sailing; He promised His presence in the journey. So, take your eyes off the temporary challenges and focus on the destination and realize that the only thing between the call and the accomplishment is a wall of paper.



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