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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – June 5th, 2024

faith church midfield summer

Sunday was a busy day at Faith Church.  

We Baptized six people, one of whom made his decision to be baptized on the spot. For the first time ever, we baptized a man who was physically impaired. Four of those baptized came to us through the Leaf Food Pantry Ministry.  

I thank God for all those who led these individuals to Christ and we are grateful to all who assisted in the administration of this Holy sacrament.

We recognized a host of graduates; two of which completed high school. 

We are very proud of all our students for their accomplishments and our prayers go with them as they take yet another step in their education.

Earlier this year, several of our students Leveled Up from Children’s Church to Big Church and yesterday, they all received their Teen Study Bibles.  Those who were absent yesterday, please contact Pastor for your own signed Bible – you earned it!

As we approach the lazy days of summer, Pastor will be teaching this Sunday on the topic of “Fresh Air”.  We all know about the “first air” received from God during the creation and this Sunday, we’ll learn about the “fresh, new air” described in John 20:22.  

We’ll see you this weekend!



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