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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – May 9, 2023

We should all have three questions every day:

1) What have I not done that I should have done yesterday? 2) What are the three most important things I must do today? 3) What shall I do today that will be remembered after I’m gone?

While I attended college, I worked in broadcasting; first as a booth announcer and later as a sports anchor. It was a big deal at the time since there were very few people who looked like me holding such positions. During my weekend broadcast, I noticed a stranger poking around the set. I learned on Monday morning that he was going to be the new full-time sports anchor. I was devastated but I had to move on.

I was still somewhat of a celebrity and I would often receive invitations to appear at schools and special events. One morning, I was speaking to a class at Barrett Elementary School and before I spoke, a fourth grader came up to me and looked me square in the eye and said, “didn’t you used to be Aubrey Miller?”

What we used to be and who we are must never be confused. I’m still me and I hope because of the things I did yesterday, today is a better day for someone. I’m still me and the most important thing that I must do today is to live in such a way that someone will look at my life and say, I want what he has. I’ll still be me tomorrow. My location may be different, but I want everyone who knew me to know that the most important thing I ever did was share the truth of Jesus in such a way that someone made that same Jesus their most important thing every day.

Another important thing is coming up this weekend – Mother’s Day. This is a big day at Faith Church and I am proud to announce that my daughter, Amy Sillmon will be bringing the message Sunday morning. She tells me the theme of her message is “Birth Announcement”. This is going to be a special day, so please come and bring your Mom.

Let Jesus be your most important thing every day!



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