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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – May 14th, 2024

faith church midfield summer

Last weekend, I took a moment to walk out to take a look at the Urban Farm and I was amazed by the growth of Mr. James’ vegetables.

The kale was dark green and as soft as fresh grass.  The green onions had been freshly clipped so that the roots below ground might grow more rapidly.  The cabbages were just beginning to spread their leaves and I thought, how amazing is our God.  

Just a few weeks ago, our garden was just rows of dirt and now, after preparing the soil, planting, and nurturing, we’re almost ready for a harvest.  Everything will not be ready at the same time but when each item is fully ripe, it must be harvested.  If we don’t harvest them, the vegetables will rot in the field.  If we do harvest at the appropriate time, new fruit will appear and all we must do is nurture and wait.

Faith Church is a garden, and all our pastors, teachers and volunteers are farmers.  We plant the seed of the Word through sermons, songs, prayers, acts of service and outreach.  Each time we open our doors, open our hearts, or open our purses, we’re planting seeds.  

We’ve been planting seeds in Midfield for almost three years now and “the harvest is plentiful”.  It’s up to us to head to the field with a mind to harvest the many lives that God has allowed us to sow into.  

Each of us should be asking ourselves, what have I planted?  What am I harvesting?  

Hundreds of people enter Faith Church every month.  They are the crop.  Don’t let the harvest rot.  Don’t miss the moment of harvest!



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