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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – April 9, 2023

When I was a little boy, my family bought a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

It was fascinating to be able to speak or sing into a microphone and seconds later, listen to your recording.

I hated to hear my voice! After my first recording, it was weeks before I picked up that microphone again.

Do you ever listen to the words that roll off your tongue from day to day? Sometimes I will catch myself mid-sentence and just stop to ask God for forgiveness. Yesterday, I listened to the words rolling off the tongue of a person for whom I have great amount of respect as he condemned another person as one who had no possibility in succeeding in life. While given this person’s past performance and current situation, the condemnation may have been warranted; however, Lazarus had sickness in his past and death was his current situation, but God bypassed both his past and present and gave him new life.

The moral here is that we should listen to our words and make certain that they do not conflict with The Word of God. After all, none of us started out as Holy as we are today. In fact, some of us were bound for death and eternal destruction, but God bypassed our past and gave us an eternal future by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate Easter 2023, don’t forget that a man named Jesus was actually nailed to an actual cross, was buried in an actual tomb and three actual days later, He was actually raised from the dead.

At Faith Church, we celebrate a risen Lord through our sacrifice, praise, prayer and worship. He deserves it! So, if you haven’t made worship plans this weekend, join us for our Good Friday Fish Fry, our Children’s Drama and our celebration of the Gospel in music and preaching. Perhaps this will be the day that Jesus turns your life around.



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