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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – March 15, 2023

At a time when most of the news we hear is bad; I’d like to share some great news!

Two of our young people are in Washington D.C. this week.

Erionna and Kamayah are attending the 12th Annual Women of Power National Summit as part of the Alabama Black Youth Vote Organization. Our young women are being trained to engage other scholars to lead their communities to a higher level of participation in America’s Democratic process.

We are so proud of Erionna and Kamyah and I know they’ll represent us well. Thanks to those of you who have graciously donated to their trip and I’m sure they’ll be expressing their thanks when they return to Birmingham.

It’s official – Christian and Bianca are engaged. They are both diligent workers in Faith Church and our prayers and good wishes go out to them as we all celebrate this wonderful development.

Believe it or not, we have completed our teaching series, “Essentials for Growing Up”. I appreciate the positive feedback you shared each week this series was taught. This Sunday, we’ll introduce a brand new very practical series that we’re calling, “Lessons I’ve Learned”. I’m going to need your help on this one. As you know, I’ve been a Pastor since I was 19 years of age and over the years, I’ve learned lots of “lessons” – some by failing forward and many by trial and error. I’m sure you’ve learned a few things too, so would you share some of those lessons with me.

Your lesson might be one of the lessons we teach during this series. One member shared with me last weekend, that one of the lessons she had learned was to “let it go”. Another said she learned that “there’s no place like home”. Obviously, I can’t use all the lessons but it would bless me to know at least a few of the life lessons you have learned or would like to learn. Communicate with me before the weekend and it will be greatly appreciated.

A final note. We’re still in the Lenten Season and headed toward the most holy holiday of the Christian year – Easter. Continue to keep your commitment to pray every day as we approach Resurrection Sunday.

Our children are working diligently on a wonderful Easter presentation and I hope we can fill the Church on that day. Blessings to our teachers for their leadership and to our parents for supporting the effort.



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