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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – January 26th, 2024

faith church midfield summer

Do you love God?  How much? 

Do you love God as much as you love your family…as much as you love money…as much as you love your job?  

Do you ever wonder if the love you have for God is wasted on an entity that doesn’t exist?  Does it matter whether you love God or not?  These are just some of the questions we’ll answer in this weekend’s message titled, “Your First Love”, the final installment in our series, “How to Become a Superhero”.  

If you haven’t worshiped with us these past several weeks, you’ve missed a great move of God.  Our worship has been power-filled and our numbers are growing!  Thank you for your support of the ministry.  Although numbers don’t document success in ministry, they do testify to the presence of God among us.  Another testimony to God’s presence here is the number of baptisms we’ve seen since we’ve been in Midfield.  Because of the many who have expressed a desire to receive salvation, we have decided to offer community Baptisms twice a year rather than just once and our next Baptism will take place in May.  

We’re just a few days away from the February Men’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, February 3rd and this one is going to be special.  The Women of Faith are preparing our meal and we have a special devotion leader, Will Sillmon, and we’ll be telling you more about Will in the coming days.  

Finally, I want to thank the amazing volunteers of Faith Church who have moved mountains to keep things rolling along here at the church.  

These soldiers have repaired water leaks, patched up heating systems, painted planters, cleaned out closets, fed the hungry and performed too many random acts of kindness to list.  You are the greatest saints this side of heaven!



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