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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – November 7th, 2023

faith church midfield summer

This is an interesting time in the life of Faith Church.

We are NOT the Church we used to be and we are NOT yet the Church we are about to become.

When Faith Church was established, Beverly and I were being divinely led to build a community of believers who were driven to know God and to find freedom in their worship and in their work. We adopted a culture that reflected the casual lifestyle of the Church depicted in Acts 2. We were intentional about our music, expository in our teaching and inclusive in our fellowship.

Prior to landing in Midfield, we were becoming complacent inside the four walls of our place of worship.

We are no longer complacent!

We are now seeing ministry opportunities we never imagined before. We are surrounded by thousands of neighbors who have lost hope and God has placed us here to give them new hope. We are feeding the hungry! We are clothing the naked! We are comforting the hurt! And we are sharing the Gospel with as many as will receive it.

What can you do to speed up the process of moving Faith Church closer to its divine destiny? May I make a few suggestions?

  • Attend worship services and participate in worship

  • Attend Bible Study

  • Volunteer with at least one ministry or work area

  • Start a small group or participate in one that already exists


  • PRAY

  • Answer God’s call to establish a ministry consistent with our mission

  • Invite friends, family and coworkers to worship with us

Our future is bright, but you have the ability to make it brighter….we’re better together!



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