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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – November 23rd, 2023

faith church midfield summer

One of the Thanksgiving traditions at the Miller household is to go around the table and

sharing the things for which we are grateful.

I know it’s a little corny but one of our girls started the tradition and once we get past the awkwardness, it ends up being a great exercise.

This year, I am incredibly grateful for the privilege of serving Faith Church and working alongside some of the most gifted and anointed people in the world. I am also grateful for the men and women who have come alongside me on this journey as we change lives in and around Midfield.

I have prayed all my life for a ministry like this and now it has been manifested. Now that God has moved, let us make certain that our praise and thanksgiving are at least as loud as the prayers we prayed when we were seeking this place and the mission that has been given us.

Let this holiday season be filled with fun, fellowship, and service to the Kingdom and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday for yet another day of worship as a family of committed believers.



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