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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – October 26th, 2023

faith church midfield summer

Faith Church is impacting this community.

Member attendance is up, first-time visitor numbers are up, the Leaf Pantry is growing, Wednesday night Bible Study is exploding and the general atmosphere around the Church is positive.

Thanks to all who work and volunteer in ministry every week. Thanks especially to the Outreach Team for their orchestration of our 2023 Trunk or Treat event. Not only was it well attended, the event afforded us an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel story with so many of our neighbors in the Midfield community.

A special word of thanks to Steve Jackson for providing sound and music for this year’s event.

This Sunday, it’s “Youth Take-Over” and Tarus Lyons will present the Word as only he can. Please encourage our Faith young people by encouraging them in their leadership roles this weekend and always. Your attendance and words of support will speak volumes to these young men, women, boys and girls.

Finally, I love you. Faith Church is the greatest Church this side of Heaven! Let’s make it greater!



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