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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – October 3rd, 2022

For the past three weeks, I’ve been teaching on the so-called Lord’s Prayer.

As you know, this is the template Jesus provided to His disciples when they asked Him to teach them how to pray.

You know, I’m glad they were bold enough to make that request, because I’ve used that model for all of my prayers during the entire course of my adult life. I think the most important part of this model prayer is found in the first sentence. “Our father, who art in heaven.”

This single phrase defines the shared relationship I’m blessed to have with the God of the Universe and every other person residing on this planet. The phrase, “Our Father” is rich with meaning. “Our” indicates that when I pray to God, I’m praying for all of my siblings. My siblings and I have the same father and that makes us all brothers and sisters.

God is our father and that defines our relationship to the creator. If He’s my father, then I’m His child. Now this is a relationship I know something about, since I’m a father and I love my children. Some of us didn’t have good dads. Sometimes we didn’t know where Pappa was, but we can all know when we pray, my Father is in heaven. The model prayer tells us He’s in heaven – “Our Father who art in heaven…”.

The wonder of this truth is the fact that not only is He in heaven, the word says we are seated there with Him. Now, don’t you feel better when you pray, all you have to do is lean over to Him and you can watch as He leans over to God to convey your need to His Father.

Two weeks ago, Steven Myers brought a powerful word and this Sunday, Vaughn Spencer will take the pulpit as we celebrate Clergy Appreciation Day at Faith Church.

Oh, did I mention the Family surprised First Lady Beverly and me with a trip to Dallas to attend the Tony Evans Pastor’s Summit. I was knocked off my feet.



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