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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Pastor's Corner – Jan 22, 2023

We all possess lots of things.

Some of the things that we possess are good, some are bad, and some are neutral, but whatever it is, this stuff belongs to us.

Faith Church leases a dumpster, and that dumpster is located on our parking lot adjacent to the pond. The dumpster is secured by locks and chains and it is surrounded by “no dumping” signs and other indicators that this dumpster exists for the exclusive use of the church. Before we secured the dumpster, individuals would come by in the dark of night and deposit their stuff in our dumpster.

This happened so frequently that we had to lease a larger dumpster, and of course the larger dumpster was at an added expense to the church.

Eventually, we decided to place a lock on the new dumpster; however, our neighbors found a way to manipulate the lid and bypassed the lock. As they became more creative, so did we. We wrapped a chain around the dumpster and our friends just dumped their stuff on the ground around the dumpster.

Whenever someone dumps his stuff around the box dedicated to our discarded stuff, it looks bad and our church becomes the owner of all the stuff, so we must sacrificially and voluntarily go out and pick it up.

Does it offend you that people mistreat the church in this way? You and I mistreat the Church in many ways and don’t give the offense a second thought. We have gifts that we don’t use in the church; we have treasures that we don’t invest in the church but instead, we squander it on things outside the church.


Pastor Aubrey Miller

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