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Pastor Aubrey Miller

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Pastor's Corner – Sept 6th, 2022

One of my favorite choruses is “Fill My Cup” by Ce Ce Winans.

When she sings that song acapella, it’s like a celestial solo – no instruments, no back-up singers – just the sweet melody of a single voice whispering to a holy God.

This morning, I found myself meditating on that song and two questions materialized in my mind – how and why. How is God going to fill my cup and for what purpose will he do it?

As I pondered these questions, God answered me in a clear manner. He said that His Word was sufficient. I know this is true because when I read His Word, my heart overflows with the knowledge of His presence. His word connects me directly to His heavenly presence and suddenly, things on earth change.

When my heart is filled with the word of God, every word that flows from my mouth comes from a heart overflowing with the power of God. So, that’s how my cup overflows, but what about the WHY? Why should I desire my cup to be filled? I want my heart filled by God so that there is no room left for the words of the enemy. The Devil wants me to speak words of defeat, depression, doom and disaster. He wants me to give up when God’s Word says never give up.

At Faith Church, Faith is our foundation, and the Word of God is the substance of our foundation. We are where we are supposed to be and God’s loving Word is our covering.



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